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iMagic Restaurant Reservation

Restaurant reservation system. Track customers and more importantly help keep the repeat customers
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23 July 2014

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iMagic Restaurant Reservation manages restaurant’s reservations and walk-ins. The program is ideal for restaurants of all sizes. The software automates the reservation process. You can track customers and it also helps you to keep the repeat customers. The program allows you to analyze reservation trends and work towards future. You can take reservations quickly and easily with the help of software. It permits you to take reservations under your complete control, rearrange tables, and allocate table blocks.

The software manages repeat customers and record customer preferences. It also makes food allergy notes. The software records special events and birth dates. You can make your customers feel special by recording personal notes. In this way, software helps you to increase repeat sales. The software has reporting system and avoids double booking.

iMagic Restaurant Reservation is easy to use and affordable. Gone are the days of paper and pen. Now you can enter the age of computer and introduce automation of reservation process.

Publisher's description

With instant access to both table availability and customer information, you can quickly create reservations. There's never a reason to hunt for information about your customers or your reservations. Each time you fill a reservation, the table status is updated and the customer details added to your restaurant database. Find the optimum layout for tables and then use the Table Block feature to save more time.
The referral system indicates who is supplying you with the most business and which advertising campaigns are the most effective. iMagic Restaurant Reservation keeps track of your customers, and automates the table availability process.
iMagic Restaurant Reservation's powerful reporting system analyzes your reservations. The program's ability to track reservations over time makes it easy to do long-term marketing analysis. By identifying peak times, you can avoid long-term overstaffing problems. In addition to the built-in reports, it's quick and easy to create custom reports to track any facet of your business.
Without the need for an expensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, iMagic Restaurant Reservation turns your client database into a valuable marketing tool. It's easy to create personalized letters and mailmerge them into your favorite word processor or email program, and send special offers to your customers.
iMagic Restaurant Reservation
iMagic Restaurant Reservation
Version 4.45
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